About Us

The news is one of the most important sources of information about the happenings, which otherwise is difficult and unreasonably expensive for the commoners to extract. Due to the reliance readers place on our content, we understand the responsibility of publishing accurate and reviewed information.

We, at Sportssumo, want to regulate the sports-news space to promote a healthy environment. Accuracy, unbiasedness, and timeliness are the most important factors while publishing the news. We very well understand the importance of these and base our foundation on the 2 R’s

  • Reliability – To ensure that the matter presented to the audience is true and verified
  • Relevance – To ensure that the information resented is timely and useful

Our team consistently work around these principles to make sure that our content is trustworthy and unique. The team members stem from different fields like – Athletic trainer, Physician, Journalism, Physical Education (P.E.) Teacher, etc. This expands our own understanding of the subject matter and enables us to present the news from both – technical as well as informative aspect.

We take journalism very seriously and take actions to prevent the news space from being plagued by the fake news.  We treat information from unofficial sources, which may include social media, with skepticism and seek to corroborate information. When considering news content created by the outside sources, we factor the credibility of the source and weigh the value and accuracy of information provided.

Meet our team of savvy journalists: Sportssumo Team

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